Welcome to my portfolio page! Here you will find a selection of artwork that best represents me as a designer. To see more recent projects, head over to my instagram for the freshest and latest. I’ll see you there!

Colorful Delicate Flowers Pattern
Line art flower illustration
Spring blooms pattern
Snowman in pink background illustration
RTS Singapore retreat 2019 illustration
Autumn flowers pattern
B05 - Raspberries
Tropical leaves pattern
I love coffee pattern
Lily of the Valley flower illustration
Grapefruit Pattern
Spring flowers pattern
H02 - Shophouses
Honeysuckle flower illustration
Goji Berry illustration
Falling Leaves in dark background
Vege medley pattern

If you would like to see more of my work you, contact me or send me an email at hello@nadinethaslim.com. To see what I’m currently up to head on over to my instagram.