Hi friends!

I’m Nadine, a designer and illustrator currently based in London. I love all things happy and colorful, and I’m on a mission to spread positivity through my work.

I started off in the field of interior design and architecture, before discovering my true passion in illustration and surface pattern design. I created my very first pattern for a holiday gift wrap in 2015, and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

My designs are inspired by the little things that bring me joy in everyday life (think coffee and flowers). I have a particular love for flower patterns, and colors that convey happy vibes! You may also at times see hints of my multicultural background in my designs. Although the journey hasn’t always been easy, I have loved creating and learning from every single pattern and illustration so far. My ultimate hope is that my patterns will bring joy to someone else.

So what exactly does a surface designer do?

As a surface designer, I create artwork that can be applied to any surface such as fabric, product packaging, cards, digital uses and everything in between.

Fruit salad pattern on menu

How I can help

design and illustration holiday edition

Design & Illustration

Surface design can elevate a brand’s product, packaging, and aesthetics. I would love to work with you to achieve that! I pride myself on designs that bring happy vibes, and I strive to carry this into the design process as well – making it easy, stress-free, and fun for both of us. Let’s get connected.

Winter wonderland giftwrap


You can elevate any surface and set yourself apart with a surface pattern design that speaks to you and your brand. Whether it’s for product packaging, bedding, wallpaper, stationery or anything in between, I have a catalogue of patterns available for licensing. Browse through my designs or contact me to see more.